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Excellence for Creation

A real laboratory of ideas and inspirations.
A place where rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and many other accessories are born from the desire of customers, combined with the inspiration, experience and technique to which the laboratory is a depositary.
In the laboratory environments, between a desk and another, the creative spark takes shape translating passion and creativity. From the model to the cast and from the mold to the wax, to finish with meticulous checks and polishing. Thus unique jewels are born that capture and transmit emotions.

Development phase

The transition from the creative idea to reality is a path that is rarely clear or traced in advance. This process involves more conversations, much research and discussions with the worker. After producing a variety of models, the jeweler builds the various elements that will form the structure of the jewel.


After assembling the pieces the setter will take care of "putting" diamonds and precious stones on the jewel. The setting can be: track, bumpy, wrought, with a mustache, pavé, etc. ...

Laboratorio Orafo zona Pigneto Roma
Laboratorio orafo
Lucidatura Gioielli zona Pigneto Roma


The delicate polishing operation is carried out in several phases during the production of the jewel. This process, performed several times before and after setting, helps to reveal the full splendor of the jewel ..
The skilled hands of the polisher will spend more than 50 hours on a custom finish, giving the desired mirror effect to the entire structure.

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