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Silvia Raimondi

The jewels have a soul and the goal of Silivia Raimondi is to unveil it by combining the values ​​of the Italian goldsmith's tradition with a contemporary touch. Tradition and modernity come together to envelop and illuminate the femininity of every woman.

For generations, our jewelry has been searching for unique creations capable of combining the nobility of metal with the richness of precious stones. Our work is every day an expression of pure passion, a great emotion able to wrap anyone who wears our jewels.

Silvia Raimondi and her jewelry are linked by a fantastic story that has lasted more than 30 years. It all started in Rome in via R. Malatesta 102 in the very close and characteristic neighborhood "Pigneto".
With taste and personality even today Silvia, carries on this beautiful reality researching and proposing trends and news in the goldsmith sector in a refined and elegant environment where creativity and innovation are the result of a company projected from the beginning to innovation and originality but that draws constant nourishment from tradition.

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